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Creativity, freedom, progress, structure and time for you.
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Creative power and possibilities with Cre8dance

Dance From Anywhere With Cre8dance:
Progress with your movement, gain structure, and clarity.
Be in the moment and find your way to dance freedom and success.

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What Tickles Our HeARTspace

Projects to provide fun and mindful experiences that encompass creativity, flow, and embodied presence. Using our senses connects to areas of our mind that are critical for us to be strengthened in resilience, positivity, and performance.

Undertanding Fun

We get why it’s important to have fun doing the things that give you a competitive edge. So our projects are designed to be engaging and awesome. Learning important strategies is just a side benefit.

Creating Benefits

Identifying how we can use the senses to benefit our well-being while understanding that we don’t all fit in the same box. We have a commitment to encouraging participation and believe that all creativity is beautiful.

Making It Easy

We want to make engaging with resources easier than flipping dice and with far better odds of getting the results you want. We are creating systems to support you to organise life and engage with creative projects in accessible and relatable formats.

Stacking Up Evidence

We are committed to continue providing quality content that considers principles of prevention and remission. And implementing a feedback cycle that sees evidence incorporated in future projects. Strategy is critical to us at heartspace.

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